Online Interpretation SolutionLaunchedtoMeet Covid-19 Social Distancing Challenges

2020-03-01 online,solution,interpretation,management,cross

Landelionhasrecently launched a one-stop cross-language solution for online conferencesthis Marchbased on its rich expeirencesofprofessionalonsiteconference interpretationservices.The new online solution has efficiently solved a series of problems duringthe Covid19pandemic,such as the online participation of speakers, participantsand interpreters, insufficient hardware equipment, complicated and hugeorganization & management. With the online interpretation solution,Landelion can continue help our clients with their cross-language marketactivities, industrial exchanges, product releases, academic seminars andinternal meetings by conveniently utilizing the Internet facilitiestobringtogether people of of various geographical locations.

Landelion's onlineinterpretation service can assist the clients in solving the problems aboutcoordination and management between online conference and cross-languagetransmission, between conference platforms and interpretation serviceplatforms, and between speakers and interpreters, etc. and ensure the stabilityand implementation effects. In addition, Landelion has developed process-basedand orderly management for the whole solution to ensure high-qualityinterpretation results.

Advantages of Landelion'ssolution:

  • Requires no venueand nogathering of personnel, online conferencecould save time and moeny of ourclients.
  • Simple to operate andconvenient to use,online high-quality platform ensures safe and efficientprocess.
  • With a global coverage,Internet-basedtransmission mode ensures the stable interpretation output
  • With free languageswitching,worry-free cross-language transmission can make user informationcollection more efficient