Localization Solution for WeChatOfficial Account for Mainland China Market

2020-03-23 clients,marketing,users,official,more

On March 23, 2020,Landelion released a localization solution for WeChat official account, aimingto further assist the clients in establishing localization brand promotionchannels in China, shorten the distance with Chinese users, and help theclients operate comprehensive solutions that conform to WeChat mediacommunication mode.


Service Characteristics:

  • Carrying the important official platform on whichenterprises release their information
  • Being more conducive for enterprises to use WeChatplatform to directly reach users in a more efficient manner.
  • Assisting the clients to write and disseminate importantinformation: news, new products, events and activities as well as marketresearches
  • Helping the clients interact directly with users moreconveniently to obtain more followers among users.
  • Helping the clients manage the Wechat official accountplatform orderly and professionally.
  • Reducing the clients' marketing costs with bettersustainability

Service Advantages:

  • 1. Standardized product models and intensive high-qualityoriginal contents output
  • 2. Professional brand consulting management, being goodat contents marketing and creative writing
  • 3. Years of experiences in first-line brand planning,copywriting and continuous & stable text product outputs
  • 4. Marketing, planning, designing proprietary productlines and one-on-one service mode
  • 5. One-stop process management, being more convenient,professional and cost-effective