Landelion Releases the Brand-new Logo to InheritProfessionalism of Cross-language Communication

2020-01-01 Landelion,language,communication,cross,brand

On January 1,2020,Landelion officially released the brand-new Logo for 2020s(shown as the picture below) to cope with the demands and challenges of theglobal market in the field of cross-language communication in the next decadeand express the commitment and persistence of Landelion brand in deeply exploring the cross-language service market for a longtime.



The brand-new LOGO is composed of ICON and the word "Landelion".

As for the ICON, it evolves from theshape of the earth which was simplified into an abstract dandelion symbolfinally.  The brand-new looks moreconcise as generous. Dandelion has always been the spiritual image of Landelion brand, which represents both the perseverance and global communicationspirit of Landelion. The brand-new Logo implies that Landelion has always focused on the cross-language communication demands andchallenges of the clients and continuously expanded in the global scope,perfectly interpreting the international business communication role of Landelion - "Where there is globalization, there is Landelion".

As for the English fontof the Logo, it is made based on the print font, which can fit with the overallimage and international sense of the professional cross-language consultancy.Accordingly, the commercial simhei is selected to create a sense of smart,which conforms to the philosophy of Landelion as a professional cross-languageservice company with a global layout.

Being more concise, moreinternational, more commercial and even better, it is not only the pursuit of Landelion VI image, but also the service spirit that Landelionhas always followed. In the process of cross-language service, Landelion has always been implementing more convenient and high-qualityservices, concise and efficient experiences, and professional and responsibleattitude, dedicating to be the top service provider in the field ofcross-language communication across the world and bringing dandelion spirit toevery corner of the world.