Deeper understanding, smarterdecision-making

Case introduction


"Deeper understanding, smarterdecision-making"


In an information-heavy world,Cognolink has created new ways to cut through the noise. We know who to talk toand how to uncover the most elusive market insights. No advice or spin – justdirect access to reliable intelligence from respected sources.


Private consultations


Sometimes there is no substitutefor one-to-one time with a specialist who has first-hand knowledge of his orher industry. Our Private Consultations are meetings or telephone calls withrespected figures immersed in their fields and carefully chosen for theirability to deliver insight on a particular aspect of a company, sector orproduct. Whether a CEO or a lawyer, an engineer or an academic, they will be athought-leader who values the opportunity to share their expertise and enjoysmaking new connections.

By working hard to understand your exactneeds and introducing you to individuals who will bring fresh perspectives tothe table, we ensure that you gain the highest possible return on the time youhave invested. In fact, these meetings are often the start of long and fruitfulworking partnerships.

Need an interpreter?

We can provide translation andinterpretation services for Private Consultations.














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