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·       There are many unmistakable characteristics that define aBentley – handcrafted luxury, distinctive design, breathtaking power andperformance, a refined and exhilarating driving experience. Yet it is thecombination of these characteristics that makes our brand so unique.

·       We are Exquisite, the dedication and determination we bringto building our cars intensifies the unique design for each of our products;

·       We are Powerful, the six-time success at Le Mans has madeBentley more than a car;

·       We are Individual, each product is an exclusive artwork withsophisticated craft only for you.

·       All compose our DNA-- “Driving luxury performance”.

·       Winged-B will open another exhilaration in China!

·       In retrospect, Bentley’s past 10 years in China has been a fulfillingand extraordinary journey. With the brand new year ahead of us, we are fullyconfident that now being the official importer of Bentley in China, BentleyMotors China will spear no effort to create new marketing opportunities andfurther grow Bentley brand for China customers.

·       With an expanded dealer network, more cutting-edge models,dynamic experiences and world-class services in the pipeline, together let’slook forward to seeing a more powerful and younger Bentley with the same levelof exquisite and luxury.

·       Thank you!


·       宾利拥有众多明显的优势特征——精雕细琢的奢华、独具匠心的设计、惊人的动力与性能以及高雅愉快的驾控体验。正是这些特征汇集在一起,才造就了独一无二的宾利。

·       我们精心制作:我们对造车的专注与决心,使我们每个产品的设计愈发与众不同;

·       我们性能强大:宾利已在历届“勒芒24小时耐力赛”上六次夺得魁首。宾利已不仅仅是一个汽车品牌。

·       我们独一无二:每辆汽车都是专门为您打造的精良艺术品。

·       这些组合到一起,便完美诠释了宾利“无尽驾驶,奢华典范”的品牌基因。

·       Winged-B将在中国开启新一轮的体验活动。

·       回顾过去十年,宾利在中国走过了一段非凡的历程,取得了累累硕果。面对全新的2013年,我们深信宾利中国作为宾利汽车在中国的官方进口商,将不遗余力创造新的市场机遇,进一步扩大宾利品牌在中国市场中的份额。

·       不断拓展的经销商网络、日益增多的顶尖车型、以及筹备中的动力体验和世界一流的服务,必然会在同等精致与奢华的基础上打造一个更强大、更年轻的宾利形象,让我们拭目以待吧!

·       谢谢!

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