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《京都议定书》签订后,全球诞生了一个专门针对控制温室气体排放从而实现低碳发展的全新市场,即碳市场。主要表现为《京都议定书》框架下以履约为目的的排放贸易(Emission Trading,ET)、联合履行(Joint Implementation,JI)和清洁发展机制(Clean Development Mechanism,CDM)市场及全球范围内的民间自愿减排量交易市场,前三者属于履约市场,即强制配额交易市场,而自愿碳交易市场属于自愿市场。由于中国暂未承担减排义务,因此中国碳市场主要包括CDM项目交易和自愿减排交易两类。


As the global climatechange attracts increasing attentions, to cope with climate change actively andto promote low-carbon and green development have become a common understandingof the world and the trend in the new century. Due to its rapid economicexpansion and growth, unreasonable industrial structure and energy structure,China ranks high in greenhouse gas emissions in the world, thereby becoming thefocus of international negotiation on climate and the target of pressurizationby various sides. On the other hand, China cannot sustain its development byadopting the traditional extensive economic growth mode. Therefore, only by following the low-carbon economy mode of“low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission” can emission bereduced and pollution be controlled, then more natural resources can be savedfor our offspring thus to guarantee stable and lasting economic development.

The signing of the Kyoto Protocolled to the birth of the carbon market, a new market for the control ofgreenhouse gas emission to realize low carbon development. It mainly includesthe markets of emission trading (ET), joint implementation (JI) and cleandevelopment mechanism (CDM) for the performance of agreement under the frameworkof the Kyoto protocol, and the non-governmental voluntary emission reduction (VER) tradingmarket across the world. The formerthree belong to the performance market, namely mandatory allowance tradingmarket, while the carbon trading market belongs to the voluntary market. Since China does not assume the obligation of emissionreduction for the time being, Chinese carbon market mainly includes twoclasses, trading of CDM project and trading of VER.

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News TranslationTime:2009

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