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The most basic and essential difference between domestic and international voluntary carbonemission reduction markets is that the international voluntary emission reduction market can be truly voluntary, while the Chinese market is affected by government intervention, and even the government's short-term expectation,to some degree. The main purchasers in the voluntary carbon market areenterprises, followed by governments and NGOs, as well as advocates ofenvironmental protection and low carbon. However, if relying only on thesetypes of purchaser, China'scarbon market will be incapable of developing in the future.

Currently, thedomestic carbon markets most frequently referred to are emission reductiontrading of CDM projects. To date, seven provinces and cities have begun toprepare a regional carbon trading program and plan to implement the wholeprogram and build the national market depending on the pilots in 2015. Todesign a carbon trading system, the fundamental objective should be definedfirst, because it determines the steps taken in the program design to decidewhich shall be the primary objective, the running of a carbon market or rapidemission reduction. The most essential elements of carbon trading are totalvolume, standard and supervision.


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