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This work was done by Landelion for the energy agency for Beijing municipal government.

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1.3.4. Preliminary Formation of Energy-saving TechnologyTransformation Market

Scientific andtechnological innovation is the main solution and powerful support for energyand resource conservation and environmental protection.  To realize the economy to develop sound andfast, it’s necessary to combine production and environmental protectionorganically and stimulate the progress of energy-saving and environmentalprotection technology and actively promote equipment renewal and technologytransformation aiming at energy conservation and emissions reduction and leadenterprises to adopt new equipment, new technique, and new technology favorableto save energy and protect environment; it’s also necessary to strengthencomprehensive utilization of resources and cleaner production and make greatefforts to develop circular economy and energy-saving and environmentalprotection industry; moreover, it needs to strengthen the development ofhigh-tech industry and achieve upgrading of industrial structure andindependent innovation to lead the economy into a sound cycle of development.

Aiming to strengthen harmonious and sustainabledevelopment and improve the ability of independent innovation, Beijing willdevelop modern industrial system and vigorously push the combination ofinformation and industry and promote high-tech industry; develop information,biological, new material, aerospace industries; develop modern service industryand enhance the ratio and level of service industry to form new advantage ofdevelopment. 


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