Audio transcription of Kobe Bryant Interview


We help our client to transcribe the interview of Kobe Bryant's China visit.

Media Q: At this point in your career, 17 years, how do you define yourself as a player?

Kobe A: Well I think as a player, you do whatever it takes to win. No matter what is called for, no matter what’s at stake, you give absolutely everything necessary to try to win a game.

Media Q: Last season how did you encourage your team when you were unable to play due to injury?

Kobe A: By talking to them a lot and trying to help them make adjustments. One of the hardest things about playing any sport is when you’re playing, when you’re in the middle of the game it’s hard to really see what’s going on because everything is moving so fast. But when you’re not playing, when you’re sitting on the sides, the game is much, much slower. So I could see a lot of the things that needed to be done, needed to be changed. So I tried to help them that way.

Media Q: As a leader of your team, leader of the legend, how will you lead the Lakers to fight for a championship next season?

Kobe A: By focusing on execution, first and foremost. That’s always the most important thing, making sure you’re executing properly. To do that you have to make sure everyone’s on the same page, everybody’s working toward the same goals. That’s a slow process. It doesn’t happen the first week or the second week or even the first month. It builds slowly throughout the course of the year.

Media Q: It’s now the summer holiday for Chinese kids, which lasts for almost two months. So what suggestions do you give them to spend their time in summer?

Kobe A: Play. Get out and play as much as you possibly can. When I was a kid that’s all I did. Summer time came around I just played. I played every sport, football, basketball, baseball. I tried to do everything. Just because it’s fun to be active, be out and participate with friends. So that’s what I encourage them to do.


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