Medical service translation project

Case introduction



1.   顧客要求本公司安排或提供任何有關醫療服務和療程,均須透過本公司之顧問進行預約,預約以先到先得形式處理。

2.   本公司會因應每個顧客需要,安排顧客約見合適主診醫生(如適用)。除非本公司認為有特殊原因,顧客不得自行選擇主診醫生。約見主診醫生 後,顧客可向本公司之顧問提出疑問或以書面形式提出申請更改主診醫生,本公司將保留最終安排主診醫生之決定權。顧客且同意本公司有權 於任何時間更改替顧客服務的顧問、治療師、醫務人員或主診醫生。如顧客於預約療程前不足24小時要求本公司取消或更改預約,本公司有權 扣除該次預約療程之所有相關費用。

3.   顧客須接受本公司所安排的療程時間及地點。如顧客有需要更改療程時間及地點,必須於本公司發出有關安排通知後24小時內向本公司提出更 改要求。本公司保留安排相關療程時間及地點之權利。顧客且同意本公司,如果有合理的原因,在通知顧客後,可改動顧客的療程,使用的設 備及療程時間和地點。


Service and treatment

1. Thecustomer requesting the Company to arrange or provide any relevant medicalservice and treatment shall make an appointment through the Company’sconsultant, and the appointment will be processed on a "first come, firstserved" basis.

2. TheCompany will arrange an appointment with a suitable doctor (if applicable) forthe customer in response to his/her requirements. The customer shall not chooseother doctors unless the choice is necessitated by special causes in theCompany’s opinion. After a doctor’s appointment is made, the customer may posequeries to the Company’s consultant or submit a written application forchanging his/her doctor, and the Company reserves the right to determine thefinal arrangement of a doctor. The customer further agrees that the Company isentitled to change the consultant, the therapists, the doctor or otherpersonnel. If the customer requests the Company to cancel or change theappointment within 24 hours before the time appointed for treatment, theCompany is entitled to deduct all the expenses related to this treatment.

3.  Thecustomer shall accept the time and the place of the treatment as arranged bythe Company. If the customer needs to change the time or the place of thetreatment, he/she shall put in his/her request to the Company within 24 hoursafter the Company sends relevant arrangement notice. The Company reserves theright to arrange the time and the place of relevant treatment. The customerfurther agrees that, when having a sound reason, the Company may change thetreatment for him/her, the devices to be used, and the time or the place of thetreatment by serving him/her with a notice.

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News TranslationTime:2007

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