About Landelion

Landelion Communications is a Language Service Provider (LSP)with its focus on “cross-language communications (CLC)”. Headquartered in Beijing, China, it has been dedicated to integrating linguistic talents, language technologies, process management and quality standards into a well-established professional service system. Landelion works with the sole motto of meeting global enterprise clients' strong demand for “stable, superior and timely” CLC solutions. Unlike other LSPs, Landelion focuses on maximum benefits and quality experience its clients should enjoy from the CLC solutions instead of just delivering the translation and localization projects. To help multi-national companies boost their performance of developing the global market, Landelion has established a reliable and most efficient system to realize both the standardized and tailor-made solutions.

Innovation is in the blood of Landelion. With conscious efforts, Landelion has been implementing the cutting-edge Translation Management System (TMS) and the server version of Computer-Aided Translation (CAT). Moreover, it has independently developed its own systems and platforms, like LDL Client Demands, a client demand generation and tracking system, LDL Projects, a CLC project management platform, LDL RS, a database for storing Landelion's linguistic talents around the world and a service performance tracking system for global linguists, and LDL Terms, a terminology management platform. Landelion has always given utmost importance to every word entrusted by its clients treating it as every penny deposited in its “language bank”, and keeps maintaining and increasing the values of the language assets for its clients through stringent process and cutting-edge technologies.

With the brand slogan of “Understand Across Borders”, Landelion has delivered standardized and tailor-made language localization projects to a number of renowned enterprises, governments, and international organizations in China and a number of overseas regions and countries. It has thu